" 'Superb.'  I can think of no better word to describe Mark Falstad's work.  For twenty years, as colleagues in network news, Mark and I have collaborated on interviews, multi-hour documentaries, investigative reports, features and breaking news.  In each and every case, Mark's exquisite eye and extraordinary sensitivity in the field have proven invaluable.   Without underplaying or over-dramatizing, Mark always seems to come up with the dazzling shot or sequence that conveys what a story is all about.  Maybe it's finding a different camera angle that adds context or perspective to a scene.   Or panning in the heat of an interview to capture a gesture more revealing than any spoken word.   Or maybe, it's recognizing that sometimes the best camera move is no move at all, that great scenes can generate their own movement and momentum in a perfectly static frame.   Mark is instinctive and insightful.  His aesthetic and commitment to quality are of the highest order.  He is a master of his craft.  And in my estimation, there is none finer in the television news business today.  

Warm Regards,
Stone "

Stone Phillips

“Dear Mark:

I've been looking at the footage and editing, and I just wanted to thank you for the splendid work you and the crew have done. You’ve captured that intimacy that I’ve been after, you’ve brought a feeling for the subject matter that no one else can imitate, and you’ve reminded me of why it is such a joy to work with you.

You turned my modest interviews into works of art - engaging portraits of minds at work, as interesting as a good film. Thank you for always going above and beyond. You are one of the most valuable colleagues I have ever had.”

Warmest Regards,

Bill Moyers

Bill Moyers

“Every time I work with you in the field you seem to define what a photojournalist should be.  You're a pro, Mark, a real talent at the top of your game.  It is a privilege to work with you and I hope we can do it many more times.”

John Larson
NBC News

“Hi --- just a quick note to say how much I’m loving the look of the 24p interviews you shot (of Tom Brokaw) in Yankton. I stare at them all day in edit now and like them more all the time. If only I had the budget to fly you to every shoot! Thanks again for making that happen and for giving us the great kick-start on the 24p aspect of this project.

Hope to see you soon!”

Liz Cole
Executive Editor
Peacock Productions
NBC Television Network

“Hi, Mark!

Thank you so much for your great work. Your shooting was so cinematic – really lifted the whole show to a higher level. Everybody loved the show.

As always, it was wonderful working with you. See you soon.”

Joe Delmonico
NBC News