“…rises far above the ordinary, with some of the best nature photography seen in recent years. The director of photography for the project is Mark Falstad.”

 Paradise Lost, Yellowstone, CBS News

“The scenic shots in this film will remind you that Yellowstone Park is, as its caretakers proudly claim, a national treasure.”

Yellowstone Under Fire, Frontline PBS

“… has beautiful atmospheric video photography that Mark Falstad did for this report.”

Big Gamble in Atlantic City, CBS News

 “His hour in the sky is superbly photographed.”

Andy Rooney Takes Off , CBS News


“…is what we’ve come to expect from Bill Moyers, extraordinary television – extraordinary in the power of its imagery, its words and its soul.  The documentary’s imagery packs an enormous wallop, from the opening shot of the pitiful spectacle of Honduran peasants foraging for food in garbage dumps alongside pigs and vultures, to the almost macabre scene of a poor family in a dimly lit hut, seemingly transfixed by the flickering glow of Jimmy Swaggert on their color television.”

God and Politics, PBS


“... breathtaking, expert and wonderful photography...”

Andy Rooney Takes Off , CBS News